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Who says we can’t learn for free? | Onyeka Nwelue | TEDxJabi

What do you want to do with your life, impress people, depress yourself, mess your life up because society wants you to live a certain way?

Onyeka Nwelue was born in 1988. He is an assistant professor of African Studies and Literature at the University of Manipur in Imphal, India.

He teaches at Royal Arts Academy, University of Hong Kong and Instituto dAmicis in Mexico. He runs a mobile school, The Free Creative School.

At 21, Onyeka Nwelue won the TM Aluko Prize for fiction with his first novel, “The Abyssinian Boy” (2009). He was the first runner-up for the Ibrahim Tahir Prize for First Book and nominated for the future Awards and a recipient of the Prins Claus Ticket Grant in 2013. Onyeka’s second book, “Burnt” is described by British-Hungarian poet, George Szirtes, ss ‘breathless’. “Hip-Hop is Only for Children,” his controversial expose book details personal encounters with musicians and music promoters inside and outside Nigeria and was released in 2015 to critical acclaim.

At 27, Onyeka became the youngest jury member in film festival history as part of the Woodpecker International Film Festival in India.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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